Our Journey Begins

Jan 9, 2024

Hello. So glad you found your way here!

We are Dunbar, and we believe that a strong professional network is fundamental to career success. Your network can be the secret weapon in your arsenal if you have the right tools and resources to discover, nurture and harness it.

It’s not surprising that many believe networking to be the domain of an extroverted, smooth-talking, heterogenous group from more privileged backgrounds. Online, networking seems to have been distilled to publishing, audience building and impersonal interactions.

We see things differently. Networking is for everyone, and networking platforms should be about mindful, meaningful and mutually beneficial connections. With the right tools and resources, we believe that everyone can benefit from the access and wealth of opportunities that their networks already contain, as well as learn how to grow their networks and maximize their chances of professional success.

Our small and diverse team is united behind this mission. We are not just building a product. We want to help empower people with the knowledge and access that we wish we had at the start of our careers. We want to build the tools that we wish we had today and every day.

While building Dunbar, we dove deep into the science and psychology of networking. We learned from each other and from talking to our peers. We read books and papers. We found inspiration in icons of the past, and learned from today’s consummate networkers, researchers and successful entrepreneurs. We collected tips and tricks and techniques. We fantasized about the future. And we typed it all up.

As we get closer to showing you what we’ve been building, we wanted to take the opportunity to start sharing our findings with you, to learn and grow together. What better (and cheesier) time to resolve to do this than the beginning of a new year?

Join our waitlist to stay informed - we can’t wait to go on this journey together!

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